Lockport Business Grants and No Interest Loans

Hello Business Partners,

While we are in the thick of this unprecedented response to a viral outbreak, the Lockport City Council, staff and myself have agreed to make $350,000 available from the City’s Reserve funds to help keep our business community viable during and immediately following the state mandated shutdown.

With the number of businesses affected, we recognize that $350k isn’t a vast sum of money, but our hope is these finances can be targeted to cover critical expenses for those businesses with the greatest need and assist in their recovery.

We have asked the Lockport Chamber of Commerce to work with us to quickly gather pertinent information that will help the Council structure the Lockport Business Recovery Initiative so it can effectively help the most businesses possible.

Please respond to this short survey below by Monday, April 6th at midnight so we can use this vital information during a special Committee of the Whole meeting of the City Council on April 8th to create a plan.

The Council and I believe a vibrant and diversified business community is essential to our city’s health and well-being. We are grateful that you have chosen to invest your time, treasure, and talents in our city and will do our best to help you through this.

Seeking God’s Grace and Spirit for all,

Mayor Steven Streit
City of Lockport

Steven Streit

Steven Streit


City of Lockport

Business Assistance Questionnaire

If you own or operate a business in the City of Lockport, please fill out the following questionnaire to help us gather the best understanding of the type of relief we can assist with.